2 Month Check-up (and Shots!)


E’s gained 6 pounds and 3 inches in height since birth, which puts him in the 80th percentile. Wow! I was so proud of my “big boy” on the scale at the doctor’s office this morning.

We love our pediatrician, so I was looking forward to talking with her today. E was being his usual self, smiling and “talking” to everyone, so I felt bad about what was to come after my chat with the doctor. She said that after we got home, he’d probably take a nap, and then might wake up “fussy” from the shots.

That’s exactly what happened.


But by “fussy” she meant, crying his eyes out, with big tear drops and everything.

We finally figured out that the crying was caused by soreness in his legs from the injections, so I ran to the store for some infant Tylenol. About 30 minutes after we gave him the Tylenol he seemed almost back to his normal self, but very sleepy, so he napped for pretty much the rest of the day. Poor thing.

We go back in two more months for his next round of shots and I’ll be better prepared to take care of a sore, tired baby afterward.


E at 2 months:

-Like to rest his hands on his bottle when he eats.

-Is still very stretchy. He always scrunches up his face and stretches his arms way over his head when he wakes up.

-Sucks on his hands even when he’s not hungry.


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