International Festival


Tonight there was an International Festival on the campus that my husband teaches at. We expected it to be a small event with less than 50 people, but we found out that it was open to the public, free, and that food would be served. Needless to say that way more than 50 people showed up!

It was a three hour event filled with international performances from groups around the community including Native American and Tejano music, German, Polynesian and praise dancers, as well as Vietnamese martial arts. We were so impressed!

There were tables set up along one wall, each with a different country as it’s theme. S sat at the “languages” table and wrote peoples’ names in Japanese on cards for them to take home. It was a big hit with people from 5 to 80 coming up to ask about their name. Many of them were curious and had lots of questions, and everyone walked away with smiles.

In addition, there was a buffet line, serving foods from all around the world like Israeli couscous, Italian spaghetti bolognese, and Indian curry.

We brought E in the stroller, but took him out as much as possible to dance and visit with people. It was a really fun night. ♡


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