A Lovely Sunday ♡


My husband surprised me this morning, by getting up early with the baby and letting me sleep in a little. An extra hour of sleep makes a big difference in your day!

I also woke up to banana pancakes! I don’t know how he managed to balance a hungry baby in one hand and a spatula in the other, but breakfast was delicious and made me feel really loved and appreciated. ♡


Usually on Sundays, E and I spend the day at my parents’ house while S stays home and works in his office, but today my mom suggested we stop by a craft show and take a walk on the beach, which sounded like a great idea. S wanted to go too, so we made a day of it.

After lunch, we drove to the craft show, and there was a lady from the surrounding neighborhood with this giant tortoise walking around! She said that it lives on her porch and that she bought it from a local pet store. There were lots of kids following them around, and everyone stopped her to ask about it.

We also ran into a friend and my teacher from kindergarten at the show, so it was a lot of fun. ♡


Then we went for our walk on the beach. The weather was great and E was really cooperative, which helped make for a nice day.


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