Music Books


My husband had a set of books with tapes growing up that he really wanted E to have. Luckily the same books are still in print (sold with CDs now rather than cassettes), so his parents bought them for E and mailed them to us.


These books are really cute. This one is full of just songs with the lyrics for each one written out and cute illustrations. I love that a kid can sit down with music and coordinating book. That way they can listen to the songs, read the lyrics, and sing along.


The second book has stories, with songs included in each story. I really like that it has a mixture of Japanese folktales like “Naita Aka Oni” (The Crying Red Ogre) and traditional Western stories like “The Three Little Pigs.”

These books were a really big part of my husband’s childhood so I can’t wait to start sharing them with E. Hopefully, E will enjoy them while helping me keep up with my Japanese at the same time. ♡


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