3 Months!


E turned three months old this week. He’s already over 16 pounds, and watching him grow everyday, I feel like he’s getting so big, but today I realized that he is still a “little” baby. It happened on a trip to Target where he looked so small sitting in his car seat that was set down inside a shopping cart. Not to mention that as soon as we stepped in the door, he started crying that tiny baby cry, complete with a red, scrunched up face. I tried distracting him by talking and showing him items I was looking at, but ultimately the bottle came out and I steered around the store one handed with an arm down in the cart. Poor little guy. ♡

E at 3 months:

– Prefers thumb to paci

– Eyes are a dark brownish grey

– Wants to be in an upright or sitting position most of the time (he’s fighting to sit up!)

– Coos all the time. We hear all of the vowel sounds plus the consonants “g,” “l,” and “h.”

– Fusses when hungry, tired, or in pain (like after shots)

– Rubs eyes when sleepy

– Squeals when excited or happy (we’ve gotten what sound like a couple of laughs…)

– Enjoys pat-a-cake

– Pulls on his bib all day

– Still gets frequent hiccups

– Still automatically wraps hand around your finger

– Still startles easily (cried after Dad sneezed the other day!)

– Drools A LOT!


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