Thank goodness for Skype! When your kid has a set of grandparents that lives 6,000 miles away, it becomes an important part of your life. That and the ability to attach digital photos to an email. Grandma can get updates in seconds! There have been many days in the past three months that I have been so thankful for the technology we have.

Since E was born, we’ve sat down in front of the webcam at least once a week to talk with my husband’s parents in Japan and show them the baby. They even got to be in the delivery room just minutes after E was born, thanks to the wi-fi connection at the hospital. That’s pretty awesome.

Recently, we’ve found that Saturday evening here (Sunday morning in Japan) is the best time to meet up with them, and now that E can sit supported, it’s gotten a little easier to get him on camera. Before, we were having to take turns holding him, but now he’s pretty happy in the Bumbo for a while.

I can’t wait until he can recognize his grandparents, and even chat back a little. ♡



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