First Mother’s Day


When I was making photo cards for Mother’s Day a couple of weeks ago, my husband mentioned how it was exciting that we would be celebrating me this year too. “OH YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT!” I answered back.

Before that, I hadn’t even thought about it, but I then began to get even more excited about Mother’s Day. I guess because my kid’s not running around calling me “Mama” yet, it didn’t click until he said something about it.

Of course I definitely feel like a mama, but the experience is so new and my son is still so small, that I guess I’m kind of in a new mom haze where I’m still learning something new every second and my brain is trying to catch up on everything I’ve been processing. It’s exhilarating and tiring at the same time.

This year I definitely have a deeper appreciation for what my mom (and my dad!) went through to bring me into this world and raise me. Pregnancy, child birth, and baby care are all rewarding but challenging (not to mention expensive!), so I am thankful that they decided to do it a third time, even though my brothers were already 7 and 8 by then. I can’t even imagine looking after two big kids while keeping up with this little one that currently demands most of my time and attention. When it comes to our little guy, they couldn’t be more loving or supportive, and now more than ever, I understand that being a parent doesn’t end when your children leave home. I just hope that I can continue to have as good a relationship with my son when he’s an adult as my parents have kept with us.

Ever since we told them that we were expecting, my husband’s parents have been connecting with us on a whole new level. His mom and I email back and forth, we send them tons of photos, and we get to talk with them face to face on Skype each week. They are as in love with E as we are, and they definitely show it. We are so thankful to have them in our lives and can’t wait to see them hold their grandson. They are the sweetest  ♡

As much as I love my tiny boy, and a small part of my mind wishes that he could stay small enough for me to hold him forever, I’m more excited to see him grow and change on his path to adulthood. I know that no matter what he turns out to be, I’ll always be proud to be his Mama. ♡


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