A tooth! A tooth!


Or TEETH, I should say…

Last week, I called E’s doctor because he had been unusually fussy for a couple of days, and it seemed to me like he was teething. The nurse I talked to said that he was probably too little to be teething, so we should bring him in to get checked out because it might be an ear infection.

The doctor checked his mouth and said that his gums weren’t swollen or red, so he wasn’t teething, and his ears checked out ok too. Her conclusion was that he was probably experiencing some painful reflux and sent us home with a prescription for Zantac, which we have been faithfully administering every day.

However! Two nights ago, E was chewing on my husband’s finger and we discovered a tiny, sharp incisor in the bottom of his mouth that had already cut through.

The past two days, he has been especially fussy, yet again, and yesterday I discovered a molar trying to poke through on the same side of his mouth as the incisor. It hasn’t come all the way through yet, so that’s probably why E’s not very happy at the moment.

Our 3 month old baby has two teeth…! Maybe he’s trying to tell us he’s hungry. He does always watch us closely while we eat or drink…. Hopefully, we’ll get the green light to start him on some cereal next month!

In other milestone news, he found his feet last week and hasn’t stopped grabbing them since!


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