4 Month Check-up (and shots!)


We now have a 4-month-old! I took him in for his check-up and vaccinations on Wednesday. He is in the 96th percentile on height and the 89th percentile on weight, so the doctor said he’s doing great! She was also surprised about his two little teeth peeking out. Needless to say, she took him off the Zantac since it seems he had been teething all along.

This time around, we gave him Tylenol BEFORE we left the house and it definitely cut down on the time that he cried immediately after the shots. However, last time the leg soreness that followed only lasted a day and this time he was left fussy for a full two days. He definitely has a certain cry when he’s in pain and we can tell it apart from his other cries now.

E at 4 months:

– Reaches for toys. He can “play” now!

– Has pretty good control over his hands and can purposefully grab things now.

– Startles less easily, and is less sensitive to sounds.

– “Feels” things by opening and closing his hands on different surfaces (like he’s scratching at them).

– Sleeps well at night, but usually won’t nap for long stretches during the day. He takes 20 minute naps every couple hours.

– Has started eating rice cereal! The doctor said we could start at his appointment.

– Loves being fanned. Even if you blow in his face he laughs or smiles really big.

– Grabs on or puts his arm around you when held. (I love this!)

– Smiles if you sing to him.

– Loves hand and feet kisses.


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