Cereal Face


I love this little messy face. ♡

On the way home from E’s 4 month check up a couple of weeks ago, we picked up some baby rice cereal at the grocery store. His doctor said to start trying to spoon feed him twice a day.

I wasn’t sure that he was going to be ready to eat yet since he hadn’t shown many signs, but I had noticed that he watches us curiously at meal times.

So far he’s been eating great, actually. The only times he gets upset are when we try to feed him when he’s tired. Then it’s best to just put him down for a nap and try the meal again later.

Other than the cereal, I plan on making our own baby food starting next month (which is when the doctor said we can start giving him fruits and veggies.) It seems like all I need are fresh fruits and veggies, a steamer basket, and a small food processor. Simple! I hope he takes to the purees as well as he had his cereal. ♡


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