We celebrated Father’s Day with the whole family at my parents’ house yesterday. The fathers in attendance were my dad, two brothers, and for the first time, my husband too.

It was a very summery day filled with sunshine, kiddie pools, and homemade icecream. My parents bought a tiny pool for E, so we put a bathing suit on him for the first time, and propped him up in the water for a little while. They also set up a baby swing for him, which he loved. He stayed in it for so long that he fell asleep. I put sunscreen on him, but at the end of the day, he was still left with a little “baby tan,” from all the outdoor time.

By the way, according to my husband, parents in Japan don’t worry about sunscreen much. He says he never remembers putting on sunscreen before playing outdoors as a kid. Maybe that’s because Japanese children tan in the summer instead of turning alarmingly red like white children? I wonder if E will tan or burn when he gets older….? My husband turns quite brown in the summer, while I am incapable of turning any shades other than white, pink, or red.

My favorite part about these family get togethers is getting to just laze around in the backyard chatting with everyone, while the kids run around playing.

E was tired, so he doesn’t look very happy, but my mom snapped this family photo for us:


Father’s Day reminded me of how lucky I am to have such great men in my life. My own father is so sweet and loveable, and seeing my brothers and my husband turn into fathers has been really exciting. I’m so proud of them. ♡


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