A Walk in the Mall


It has been really hot here lately. I mean REALLY hot. Like 100 degree weather.

My mom and I love to walk. During my pregnancy I took a long walk every evening. Since the baby’s been born, I’ve managed to get a long walk in most days of the week, but this past month, it has just been impossible. E gets all sweaty just riding in the stroller, and I get sunburned no matter how much sunscreen I apply or how much I try to cover up.

If I were walking by myself, I’d just go in the evening, but the sun doesn’t go down until 9:00. E goes to bed at 7:00 these days, and then I unwind and go to bed around 9:00. My walk has just not been happening for a while.

My mom suggested that I walk in the mall. Even though the mall is 20 minutes away and I couldn’t make it happen everyday, a couple of times a week might make me feel better. My husband thought it was a good idea too.

We took our first trip to roam the mall today and my mom decided to meet us over there, which was really nice, so it turned into a mother daughter date. We ended up doing a little shopping (you can’t spend all day at the mall with your mom and your baby and not buy anything for anybody!), but we’re good at bargain hunting and ended up spending less than $25 on some cute stuff for E.

Luckily, he’s a really calm baby, so we were able to spend a total of 5 hours at the mall, without a complaint from him. He even humored us as we tried numerous hats on him just to see how they looked, and took a nice nap in the stroller.


We found three outfits for E in the next size up, and bought him a cute lovey to hug and play with because I left his cloth book to squeeze at home. He loves that little sock monkey. It’s been making him laugh all day. I think we’ll make it our in-the-car-seat toy. ♡

The mall wasn’t too crowded, we had lunch in the food court, and did lots of walking and talking, so it was a really nice day!


2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Mall

  1. Fun day and E was so cooperative! We’ll have to do it again – soon!

  2. He’s a great shopping buddy 🙂 I thought about roaming around the outlet mall too, but again – HOT! We’ll have to stick with air conditioned activities for now~

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