The Fourth!


Hamburgers and fireworks!

That was our 4th of July this year 🙂

There’s a really great burger place right down the road from us that happens to feature a lot of old Americana decor, so we thought it would make for an appropriate lunch that day.


There’s even a toy train that periodically zips around the restaurant on a track near the ceiling.

At first, the sound of the train whizzing by was a little overwhelming to E, who’s still quite sound sensitive, but once he spotted it, he couldn’t take his eyes away.


He was pretty happy the whole time we were there, but the smiles didn’t come until he was in his Poppy’s arms.

We could see the nearby fireworks perfectly from our apartment balcony that night, but they didn’t start until 9:30 and E had been snoozing since 8:00 ♡


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