Book Babies


I took E on his first trip to the library today! I’d been looking forward to this since experience since before he was born. ♡

I had never been to this particular library, but I read in a local magazine for parents about their “Book Babies” time and it seemed like fun.


Book Babies is held twice every Wednesday: at 10:15 AM and at 11:15 AM. You have to get there thirty minutes in advance to pick up the (free) tickets and they run out fast!

Moms and babies were already starting to gather when we got there around 10:50. We had almost 30 minutes to kill so I carried E around the children’s section, which was really nice and spacious, and chatted with a few other moms while we waited.


In total, it seemed like there were about 30 moms with babies and we had a full house. They let us in the activity room at 11:15, and there was a big circle of tiny carpets, each with a book on it. This weeks book was “Ring Around a Rosie.”


We picked a carpet and sat down. Most of the babies there seemed to be at least 9-12 months old. I thought the baby girl next to us might be younger than E, but it turned out that she was two weeks older.

We did lots of songs with hand movements, including the one in the book, and then each baby received a shaker and we sang with those too. E’s would grin when we would shake the shakers really fast. At the end, they filled the room with bubbles using a bubble machine and the babies were free to run around and play.

It was really fun and we plan on going back, but I can’t wait until E can sit by himself and I can do the hand motions with him better. ♡


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