The Circus!


We took E to his first circus yesterday!

My niece and nephew, 6 and 4, love the circus and their family had tickets to go again this year. My mom thought it would be fun if we all go, so we bought some more tickets a few rows behind their seats, and shuffled some people around so that the three older cousins could sit together.

I know I’ve been to the circus once in my life when I was really little, but I don’t remember it, so I really wanted to go and take E! Even a 5 month old enjoys animals, right?

It was a really awesome day! Before the show started, you could go and visit the animals up close (that was pretty much the only photo op), and then there was a pre-show in the ring as people were taking their seats. The crowd was filled with parents and grand parents with small children and we saw lots of other babies.

My dad carried E while we walked around before the show, and I held him in my lap most of the time while we were seated.

The show itself was amazing! I was really impressed and enjoyed the whole thing. E was really cooperative and calm and sat on my lap facing the show most of the time. Despite being rather loud, which made him jump a few times, he took a thirty minute nap in my lap. I took him to the bathroom during intermission to change his diaper so we didn’t miss anything.

I can’t wait to go again and bring my husband along. He would love to see E’s reactions to the elephants and tigers!

By the way, we found another tooth coming in last night when we got home. One of his top teeth had already poked through the gums despite E not showing any signs of teething recently. Of course TODAY he’s a teething mess! Poor baby. I feel so bad for him! Hopefully this round will pass quickly since one tooth has already come through. ♡


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