Baking: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Banana Bread


This is really like cake presented as a breakfast food item, but regular banana bread’s not healthy to begin with anyway, so why not add some peanut butter and chocolate chips?

I’ve been looking for the perfect banana bread recipe for a while and my search ended in this one:

It’s the best! I use white whole wheat flour, and instead of buttermilk I use the regular milk plus cream of tartar trick.

Today was a rainy day and I felt like doing some baking this afternoon. My husband’s not that big on banana bread though, so this time I froze half of it to keep myself from feeling pressured to eat it all myself! Haha. I hate to waste food though.

I took E to what’s called Toddler Time (for babies birth to 2) at a different library this morning and it wasn’t great. A bunch of parents in a dark room reading nursery rhymes to their little ones off a projector wasn’t that fun. Also, there were a bunch of moms in the back chatting that didn’t really watch their kids and let them run around and stomp on others. Not cool.

We’ll definitely be sticking with Book Babies on Wednesdays which we really enjoyed. ♡

Also! E has been pushing up on his knees and rocking back and forth a lot today. We might have a crawler pretty soon!


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