Look what we got in the mail today!

My mother-in-law made this adorable jinbei for E. She asked us to send us his measurements so that she could send him a little outfit, but we assumed that she was just going to buy something. It turns out she was sewing these special pieces for him.

A jinbei is a traditional two piece outfit for summer. They can be worn around the house or to summer festivals.


Here’s a close-up of the beautiful fabric. Isn’t it perfect for a baby boy? She sewed both pieces with seams that can be let out so he can wear them longer. What a thoughtful Obaachan! (Grandma)


They also sent these cute t-shirts from Uniqlo. One has bullet trains on it and the other with emergency vehicles. They know we love to get things with firetrucks on them for E because my dad is a firefighter. ♡


He also got this reversible bib from his uncle, who found it at Akachan Honpo, which is a store a lot like Babies R Us. Image












They’re the sweetest! I can’t wait until we can see them again and E can finally spend some time with them. ♡




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