6 Month Check-up (and Shots!)


E was a little fussy at the doctor’s office today.

In fact, he was a little fussy all morning before that.

He’ll be perfectly happy and calm for few minutes and then all of a sudden his face will scrunch up, turn red, and he’ll cry really hard for a few moments. Then he goes back to being normal and interactive. Sometimes when he scrunches up his face, his hand goes to his mouth, so I’m assuming that this is all continued teething. Is this kid getting all his teeth at once???

The doctor gave him a large tongue depressor to chew on and that made him happy while we were in her office, so we could talk.

She was amazed at his teeth and how fast he’s growing. She said to start feeding him more food and giving him less milk, in hopes that he’ll go back to sleeping all night.

He did great with the shots and they didn’t seem to bother him this time around. He actually fell asleep in the car after the appointment.

My husband got done with teaching early today, so he was able to go with us which was nice ♡


E at 6 months:

– Has 4 teeth

– Weighs 21 lbs. and is 28 inches long

– Says “Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” and “Ha-ba-ba-ba-ba”

– Scooches around the living room floor (I think this is called “creeping”)

– Pulls himself up to a supported sitting position

– Pushes himself up on his hand and knees (and sometimes feet!) and rocks back and forth

– Loves pureed veggies and fruits but is not big on cereal

– Loves when Mama sings “Row row row your boat” to him (smiles every time)

– Is fed in his highchair

– Just started drinking water out of a sippy cup at meal times (Mama holds the cup)

– Grabs EVERYTHING and tries to put it in his mouth

– Blows raspberries


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