E Eats: Carrots!


So far, all the carrots that E has eaten have come from my parents’ garden. He seems to love them, so we’ve already picked a couple of batches.


I just made sure to scrub them really well before chopping them up and boiling them in a little water. I didn’t even peel them the second time around.



I’ve heard that carrot puree is tasty in soups and sauces, so we may have to try it ourselves some time.

He’s already eaten up the latest batch, but today I made broccoli and peas purees, so he’ll get to try some new stuff.

He eats three times a day in his highchair now, but I don’t think that he’s made the connection to eating solids and getting full, because sometimes he gets impatient with eating from a spoon and will fuss until he gets his milk. It’s all about timing his meals so that he’s hungry but not starving, which can be tricky!


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