8 Months!



As of this weekend, our little buddy is 8 months old! We’re starting to plan for our first Christmas as a family of 3, and may already have a gift tucked away in the closet waiting for little hands to open it in a few months… Also, a Halloween costume is in the works!


E at 8 months:

– Loves to eat!

– Flaps his arms when he’s frustrated or excited

– Often plays by picking up a small toy in each hand and tapping them together

– Lifts his arms a little in anticipation just before you pick him up.

– Sleeps close to 12 hours at night.

– Can pick up puffs and put them in his mouth by himself.

– Can open cabinets and drawers…..

– Doesn’t enjoy being confined to the bumbo seat, exersaucer, or doorway jumper much anymore.

– Seems to love music! He gets so happy when we turn on familiar tunes.





Babies Don’t Keep



Maybe past posts have made it apparent that I’m a sentimental person, but I think I try my best not to show it outwardly. I find it easier to put sentiments in writing which is part of the reason I started this blog. It helps me savor E’s time as a baby and record what he was like at different stages.

I already feel like tiny details are slipping away from me, like how he used to startle at every sound while he slept, or uncontrollably chew on his little fists when hungry. My husband and I already reminisce about his just home from the hospital cry (“elaaah! elaaah! elaaah!”) like it was years ago, but we also look forward to each new ability, accomplishment, and smile.

I know that we’ll savor each stage, but babyhood seems so fleeting, and recently I find myself turning this poem over in my head when I have a quiet moment with E. Because it’s true, babies don’t keep. But as long as they do, we hold them close, smell their wispy hair, lift them over our heads, and cover them in kisses. ♡


“The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
For children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

Song for a Fifth Child

by Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

Sleep Update + E’s Room


So much has changed in E’s sleep habits over the past three months, so I thought I’d finally get around to writing an update.

We attempted to sleep train him when he was 4 months old as suggested by Marc Weissbluth in his book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, but after just a few days, we decided that we felt he was just too little. His cry still sounded like that of a tiny hungry baby and he was still drinking a lot in the middle of the night, so we decided to put it off.

At around 5 months he started sleeping really well. We had a couple of weeks of him sleeping from about 9:00 to 7:00, but then he started teething again and the night wakings began again. Not only did he start waking up at 2:00 AM, but the wakings became more and more frequent. One night he woke up every two hours, and I noticed that the cry was more of a whine rather than a desperate hungry kind of cry. That’s when I decided that it was really time for sleep training. His doctor even told us at his 6 months check-up that he shouldn’t be waking up at night anymore and that we should let him cry.

The night we decided to start, E started crying at 2:00 and we tried to ignore it. Eventually, I couldn’t stand to stay in bed any longer , so I got up and paced outside his door. Honestly, the thing I was most worried about was our poor neighbors. I couldn’t help wonder if everyone else was also up listening to our howling infant.

He cried for a total of one hour, and then he fell back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 6 or 7:00. We were impressed. I had expected him to cry several times that night.

You know what? The next night, he didn’t cry at 2:00 AM. He didn’t cry at 4:00 AM. He slept until 6:00. (We decided that any waking after 6:00 was ok.) The only problem we had was that sometimes he would cry just after we put him down at night, and if we let him cry with a full tummy, he would puke after just three minutes. So we also decided that if he cried within two hours of being put down, we should go soothe him because we didn’t want him to vomit.

Last week, he started waking at 5:00 AM, and if I went in to his room at that time, all the rocking in the world wouldn’t put him back to sleep so he was up for the day. But he was also miserably tired the whole day. So we decided to let him cry at the 5:00 AM waking. This didn’t take much and after a few days, he started sleeping until 7:00.

So for the past week, he’s been sleeping 8:00-7:00 which is just heaven to us, and has made him much happier during the day.

He still only naps thirty minutes at a time, and wants to nap every three hours or so during the day, but we don’t mind. This makes for a very happy boy between naps. ♡


Another thing that has really helped the sleep situation is the fact that the baby’s room is no longer nursery/Dad’s office. We moved my husband’s desk to our bedroom, so that the baby has his own quiet sanctuary to sleep in at any time, and we installed a black out curtain in the window.

It’s just his bed, the exersaucer, and the changing table in there, so he has plenty of room to play and it’s the perfect size for a nursery. Isn’t the colorful elephant blanket pretty? My friend bought it during a trip to India! We’ll see how the room transforms as he grows. I have a feeling that we’re going to need a way to store toys soon. ♡


Beach Trip!


A few weeks ago, the day after we got home from Austin for the second time, we packed up the car and headed to the beach for a day of sun and waves with the whole family. It was E’s first trip to the ocean, so we were curious to see if he would enjoy playing in the sand or if it would weird him out.

He had a little swimsuit earlier this summer, but it no longer fits and we didn’t feel like buying him another one just for this trip, so he just wore a t-shirt, swim diaper, and sun hat, which made for a pretty cute look anyway.


He was a little unsure about the sounds and movement of the water at first, but eventually, we set him down near the waves where he chewed on plastic shovels and picked up little handfuls of sand, sometimes accidently rubbing it in his face.

He also pulled himself to a standing position without help for the first time that day! We had a big picnic basket sitting on our blanket and he suddenly decided to use it to pull himself up while we were all eating lunch.


He was ready to crash after a few hours in the sun, and think he ended up falling asleep in my mom’s arms before we loaded him back into the car.

It was a great day, watching all the cousins having fun at the beach. We hadn’t been in a long time either, so it was a treat for us too. Next summer, we’ll definitely have to go more than once!

Seven Months!


Our kitty cat (because he follows us around the house and mews) turned seven months old last week!  This little guy just gets more and more fun each month. I really love seeing his little personality slowly starting to come out. I can’t believe it already feels like we’re on the road to his first birthday.

E at 7 months:

– Crawls fast, pulls himself to a standing position, and can even cruise around the furniture a little.

– Eats pretty well at meals. His favorite foods seem to be broccoli and squash.

– Can hold a bottle or cup pretty well. Especially if he’s reclined or lying on his back.

– Splashes in the bathtub!

– Says “Mamamamama” and follows me around when he’s upset or overly tired.

– Likes to make a motorboat sound with his lips, especially when he’s on the verge of tears.

– Tries to clap his hands!

– Opens his hands during patty cake, instead of keeping them in tight little fists.

– Is very twisty and wiggly on the changing table now. It’s difficult to get him dressed at times.

– Sleeps great! Goes to bed around 8:00 and wakes up somewhere between 6:00 and 7:00.

– Takes a 30 minute nap about every three hours.

– Babble all kinds of syllables.

– Sometimes shows us a funny little crooked smile 🙂

– Gets frustrated when you take something away from him.

– Is very cuddly and lovey ♡

– Is still very “chill” and we have no problem taking him anywhere with us.

– Is very attracted to wires, straps, shoelaces, and the like.

– His favorite toy is a small board with gears on it that move when you press a button. (But honestly, he’s just as happy with a spatula!)

– Still tries to put everything in his mouth at first.

– Has EIGHT teeth!

– Likes to get (stuck!) in small spaces, like under a chair or in the base of the exersaucer.

– Flaps his arms when he’s really excited or frustrated.