Seven Months!


Our kitty cat (because he follows us around the house and mews) turned seven months old last week!  This little guy just gets more and more fun each month. I really love seeing his little personality slowly starting to come out. I can’t believe it already feels like we’re on the road to his first birthday.

E at 7 months:

– Crawls fast, pulls himself to a standing position, and can even cruise around the furniture a little.

– Eats pretty well at meals. His favorite foods seem to be broccoli and squash.

– Can hold a bottle or cup pretty well. Especially if he’s reclined or lying on his back.

– Splashes in the bathtub!

– Says “Mamamamama” and follows me around when he’s upset or overly tired.

– Likes to make a motorboat sound with his lips, especially when he’s on the verge of tears.

– Tries to clap his hands!

– Opens his hands during patty cake, instead of keeping them in tight little fists.

– Is very twisty and wiggly on the changing table now. It’s difficult to get him dressed at times.

– Sleeps great! Goes to bed around 8:00 and wakes up somewhere between 6:00 and 7:00.

– Takes a 30 minute nap about every three hours.

– Babble all kinds of syllables.

– Sometimes shows us a funny little crooked smile 🙂

– Gets frustrated when you take something away from him.

– Is very cuddly and lovey ♡

– Is still very “chill” and we have no problem taking him anywhere with us.

– Is very attracted to wires, straps, shoelaces, and the like.

– His favorite toy is a small board with gears on it that move when you press a button. (But honestly, he’s just as happy with a spatula!)

– Still tries to put everything in his mouth at first.

– Has EIGHT teeth!

– Likes to get (stuck!) in small spaces, like under a chair or in the base of the exersaucer.

– Flaps his arms when he’s really excited or frustrated.


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