Beach Trip!


A few weeks ago, the day after we got home from Austin for the second time, we packed up the car and headed to the beach for a day of sun and waves with the whole family. It was E’s first trip to the ocean, so we were curious to see if he would enjoy playing in the sand or if it would weird him out.

He had a little swimsuit earlier this summer, but it no longer fits and we didn’t feel like buying him another one just for this trip, so he just wore a t-shirt, swim diaper, and sun hat, which made for a pretty cute look anyway.


He was a little unsure about the sounds and movement of the water at first, but eventually, we set him down near the waves where he chewed on plastic shovels and picked up little handfuls of sand, sometimes accidently rubbing it in his face.

He also pulled himself to a standing position without help for the first time that day! We had a big picnic basket sitting on our blanket and he suddenly decided to use it to pull himself up while we were all eating lunch.


He was ready to crash after a few hours in the sun, and think he ended up falling asleep in my mom’s arms before we loaded him back into the car.

It was a great day, watching all the cousins having fun at the beach. We hadn’t been in a long time either, so it was a treat for us too. Next summer, we’ll definitely have to go more than once!


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