8 Months!



As of this weekend, our little buddy is 8 months old! We’re starting to plan for our first Christmas as a family of 3, and may already have a gift tucked away in the closet waiting for little hands to open it in a few months… Also, a Halloween costume is in the works!


E at 8 months:

– Loves to eat!

– Flaps his arms when he’s frustrated or excited

– Often plays by picking up a small toy in each hand and tapping them together

– Lifts his arms a little in anticipation just before you pick him up.

– Sleeps close to 12 hours at night.

– Can pick up puffs and put them in his mouth by himself.

– Can open cabinets and drawers…..

– Doesn’t enjoy being confined to the bumbo seat, exersaucer, or doorway jumper much anymore.

– Seems to love music! He gets so happy when we turn on familiar tunes.





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