9 Months Check-up and Flu Shot!



3/4 of the way to the first birthday!

He had his check-up today and it was mostly a discussion with his doctor about FOOD! She wanted to know what, when, how much he eats. We’ve been slowly transitioning him to finger foods any way because he prefers feeding himself to being spoon fed.

There were no immunizations other than a flu shot, but he did get a finger prick to check for anemia. The doctor could tell from the blood count that he was getting over a bug, which explains the vomiting and diarrhea last week.

Other than that we discussed fluctuating baby fat, car seats, verbal and motor skills, dental hygiene, and home safety.

He goes back in a month for a booster to the flu shot, but after there’s no check-up until he’s 1!

E at 9 months:

– Sleeps about 7:00-7:00

– Takes most naps (two a day) in his car seat, the stroller, or on Mama’s lap

– Claps randomly throughout the day

– Has a little sense of humor. Think high pitched voices are hilarious. Loves it when I kiss his belly button. Laughs at anything Dad does!

– His favorite food is yogurt.

– Crawls super fast!

– Feeds himself things like scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, pieces of banana, Cheerios, etc.

– Can throw small toys and finds flushing the toilet entertaining.

– Like toy cars/trucks and anything that makes sound.

– Answers to his name and seems to understand the word, “No.”


I was telling my mom the other day that he’s the sweetest baby I could have ever dreamed of. ♡


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