A New Year


 I know we’re already half way through January, but I feel like the new year is just really dawning on me. It takes me a while to wind down after Christmas and let the freshness of a new era set in. In Japan, people eat toshikoshi soba (year-end noodles) on new year’s eve. My husband grew up eating toshikoshi ramen instead of soba, and I like udon, so at our house it’s usually one of the two. We also had our American black eyed peas with cabbage on January 1st, so maybe it will get lucky with another fun year!

2013 was good to us. Our lives changed at the end of January with the birth of our son and then everything after that was a happy blur in our home.

2014 has a first birthday party, a graduation ceremony, and a visit from overseas grandparents in store for us which we’re very excited about, but we’ll also make many happy day-to-day memories in between.


11 Months!


Less than a month until his first birthday! We’re looking forward to a little party at the end of this month. ♡

E at 11 months:

– Is walking! And can stand up on his own without having to pull up on something.

– He can also walk a little, bend down to pick something up, straighten back up, and keep going.

– Still plays by tapping two things together, but he also likes to try shaking things to see if they rattle, and then throw them.

– Sometimes randomly puts an arm in the air like he’s reaching for something, but nothing’s there. (See above photo)

– His hair is looking more dark brown than black these days.

– Goes to sleep at night in his crib without being rocked first.

– Says “Ohh” and “Whoa” and makes the sound “lolilolilo” a lot.

– He likes likes dropping toys over the side of the baby gate and also enjoys putting small toys of top of other things.

– When there’s something on his high chair tray that he’s done eating or doesn’t want he’ll start tossing it piece by piece over the side.

– Bounces or sways to music.

– Loves diving face first into pillows.

– Still loves toys with wheels, and will often flip the toy over and spin the wheels. He also loves to check out the back of any toys.