11 Months!


Less than a month until his first birthday! We’re looking forward to a little party at the end of this month. ♡

E at 11 months:

– Is walking! And can stand up on his own without having to pull up on something.

– He can also walk a little, bend down to pick something up, straighten back up, and keep going.

– Still plays by tapping two things together, but he also likes to try shaking things to see if they rattle, and then throw them.

– Sometimes randomly puts an arm in the air like he’s reaching for something, but nothing’s there. (See above photo)

– His hair is looking more dark brown than black these days.

– Goes to sleep at night in his crib without being rocked first.

– Says “Ohh” and “Whoa” and makes the sound “lolilolilo” a lot.

– He likes likes dropping toys over the side of the baby gate and also enjoys putting small toys of top of other things.

– When there’s something on his high chair tray that he’s done eating or doesn’t want he’ll start tossing it piece by piece over the side.

– Bounces or sways to music.

– Loves diving face first into pillows.

– Still loves toys with wheels, and will often flip the toy over and spin the wheels. He also loves to check out the back of any toys.


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