Goodness. Our baby will be 13 months old tomorrow! I’ve had a draft of this post waiting to be published for almost a month, but have been too busy or exhausted recently to finish it! E turned one at the end of January and we had a little celebration in early February to mark the occasion.

We had a birthday lunch at my parents’ house and kept things low key by just inviting aunts, uncles, and cousins. I didn’t pick a theme for the party, but decided to go with blue and green decorations. Simple is good, and I really liked how it turned out!









We ordered sushi and sandwich trays from our local grocery store, I made cupcakes, and Papa made a couple of Japanese dishes, so there was plenty of food. The kids played, E opened a few presents, and we sang him “Happy Birthday,” which didn’t make him cry!

We also set up a fortune telling game, where he had to pick one of several objects. Whatever he chose was supposed to indicate something about his future. He chose a pack of pencils, which could be interpreted in a lot of ways… Teacher, artist, writer?

It was a special day that was definitely as much a celebration for us as it was for him! I can’t believe we’re lucky enough to spend our days with this sweet, happy, tiny boy. ♡