13 Months!


With all the birthday planning, I never got around to writing up E’s 12 months update. I didn’t feel like there was such a big difference in his development from 11 to 12 months of age, but now that he’s 13 months I see many changes. I can’t believe that just four months ago he was only 9 months old!

At 12 months he could say two words: “wow,” and, “whoa”. On his birthday, when we told him, “E, it’s your birthday! Happy birthday!” he replied “Wow, WOW!” At 13 months he’s added one more word to his vocabulary and that is, “oh-oh.” (uh-oh) There has to BE an uh-oh for him to say it though (like dropping food off his tray)

E at 13 months:

Is so BUSY! Loves to play, and is good at entertaining himself when we’re at home.

Loves to explore outside, and when we’re inside he loves to look out the window.

Blows on his food even when it’s not hot sometimes.

When he’s done with the food on his tray he drops pieces over the side and says, “oh-oh!”

Often squeals when frustrated.

Hates having his hands and face wiped, and getting his teeth brushed.

Is very affectionate! He comes over to lay his head on us and gives us hugs all day. Loves to come sit on out laps.

He’s also going through a period of wanting to be held all the time. I think part of the reason is that he wants to see what’s going on at the adult level. He especially wants to be picked up while we are cooking, to see things on the stove, and when I’m getting ready in the bathroom, to see what’s on the counter.

Likes to be tickled under the chin.

Points at things in books.

Comes to us for help, like if he wants us to open his shape sorter to dump the pieces out, or wants us to turn his mp3 player on.

Wants to do everything by himself. At meal times we have to give him a utensil so that he can try to feed himself while we feed him at the same time. Sometimes he gets food to his mouth 🙂

Tries to put his own clothes on. Steps on his shoes, drapes shirts around his neck, and when we put out his pj’s at night he sits down right on them.

He’s had his first haircut! It was so cute long, but reached past shoulder length and was getting in his eyes, so it was time. Maybe now with his “boy” haircut, people won’t mistake him for a baby girl anymore!


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