Easter 2014









ImageLast year, E was a tiny baby, but this year he lit up when he saw his Easter basket. We filled it with a new board book, some Melissa and Doug crayons, and these soft and squeezy farm animals. He was a little hesitant at first so we had to assure him that it was ok to pull everything out and play with it, but he was smiling the whole time, and quickly started passing the farm animals out to me one by one.

My parents also made him an Easter basket with a couple of new books, a new polo shirt and shorts for the summer, Goldfish crackers, and these awesome bubbles. Those Jelly Belly bubbles are the best and E loves all of his new books!

In addition to the regular eggs the kids hunted for, my parents made a special golden egg for each one and there was a map with directions on how to find it in the backyard. My mom and dad are so clever 🙂

We were lucky to have lovely spring weather so that most of the day could be spent outside!


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