Guess What!



E’s going to have a little sister! I’m a little more than halfway through my pregnancy, and our daughter will be here in September! We are more than thrilled!

We know that E is much too little to realize that a baby is going to be coming to our house this fall. Just 19 months older than his sister, he will still be a baby himself! This doesn’t keep us from pointing at my tummy and telling him, “Baby!” repeatedly though. Sometimes he repeats, “Baby,” but usually something like, “Babu,” comes out. If I sit on the floor with him and ask, “Where’s the baby?” he will lift my shirt and poke my belly button. It melts my heart. ♡

It’s going to be a little crazy around here for a while with a toddler and a newborn, but we are looking forward to E having a close sibling to grow up with!


Children’s Day 2014



Despite having had a fever the day before, E was his regular super happy self on his second Children’s Day. He would dance every time we turned on his special music box.

This year he is 15 months and full of personality. Last year he was just 3 months old!

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15 Months!


Clapping because, “Yay! We’re going outside!”


This sweet boy turned 15 months old this week. A quarter of his second year already gone??? How can this be! Also, I don’t know if you can read his shirt, but it hints at something big that I haven’t posted about here yet… Update coming soon 🙂


E at 15 months:

– Often says, “uh-oh” and “whoa”

– Tries to say a lot of things: “nuh” (no), “buh” (book), “shuh” (shoes)

– When he sees a dog he says, “wa wa” (wan wan = woof woof in Japanese)

– When he wants to read, “Row Row Row Your Boat” he brings us the book and says, “Row row row”

– When he wants something, he points at it and says, “ah?”

– He also says, “ma ma” sometimes but not really in reference to me… it’s more like when there’s something he needs.

– Loves his board books, wooden blocks, and anything with wheels.

– Loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider and will sometimes imitate the spider motion with his hands.

– When he’s done something he’s proud of he claps his hands and smiles. He always claps for himself after he successfully manages to stack one block on top of another.

-Is really impatient at meal times. As soon as I step into the kitchen to prepare dinner he starts whining to get in his highchair even though I have nothing to give him yet.

– Can drink from a straw.

– Points at his shoes and leans on the front door when he wants to go outside.

– Wants to eat whatever we’re eating, which means that we can only have snacks or treats after he goes to bed 🙂

– Sleeps 8:00-7:00ish.

– Still takes two short naps a day.

– Wears 18-24m clothes.

– Hold things up to hear ear like a phone a lot (including his toy phone).