15 Months!


Clapping because, “Yay! We’re going outside!”


This sweet boy turned 15 months old this week. A quarter of his second year already gone??? How can this be! Also, I don’t know if you can read his shirt, but it hints at something big that I haven’t posted about here yet… Update coming soon 🙂


E at 15 months:

– Often says, “uh-oh” and “whoa”

– Tries to say a lot of things: “nuh” (no), “buh” (book), “shuh” (shoes)

– When he sees a dog he says, “wa wa” (wan wan = woof woof in Japanese)

– When he wants to read, “Row Row Row Your Boat” he brings us the book and says, “Row row row”

– When he wants something, he points at it and says, “ah?”

– He also says, “ma ma” sometimes but not really in reference to me… it’s more like when there’s something he needs.

– Loves his board books, wooden blocks, and anything with wheels.

– Loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider and will sometimes imitate the spider motion with his hands.

– When he’s done something he’s proud of he claps his hands and smiles. He always claps for himself after he successfully manages to stack one block on top of another.

-Is really impatient at meal times. As soon as I step into the kitchen to prepare dinner he starts whining to get in his highchair even though I have nothing to give him yet.

– Can drink from a straw.

– Points at his shoes and leans on the front door when he wants to go outside.

– Wants to eat whatever we’re eating, which means that we can only have snacks or treats after he goes to bed 🙂

– Sleeps 8:00-7:00ish.

– Still takes two short naps a day.

– Wears 18-24m clothes.

– Hold things up to hear ear like a phone a lot (including his toy phone).



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