18 Months!


He’s 17 months in this pic, but I love it ♡


E’s half birthday was Monday! In just 6 short weeks, he’ll be promoted to big brother status and I have a feeling that the rest of this year is going to fly by. He’s definitely still a baby, but changed so much since his first birthday…


E at 18 months:

– Waves at everyone! Neighbors, dogs, the guy on a tractor across the street, airplanes etc…

– Loves books and asks us to read to him all day. He has free access to all of his board books, and we end up reading most of them to him throughout the day. He will bring us a book, insist on sitting in our lap and he’ll point out pictures of words he knows, while we read.

– Stacks blocks, but enjoys knocking them over or dumping them out of buckets even more.

– He demands a lot of our attention. He’s very good at playing by himself or looking through books alone, but he will usually try to pull us away from whatever we’re doing to join him before sitting down alone for a little while. He’s usually patient with me if I tell him I have to finish washing dishes or doing laundry etc., but he’s more insistent with Papa.

– Recently we started showing him some episodes of Sesame Street (in English) and Thomas (in Japanese), and he really loves them, but the interesting thing is, he only asks Papa to turn on the TV, not Mama. We consider this a good thing because Mama’s the one home with him most of the day so it keeps his TV watching to a minimum. Also, he can’t sit still through even a half an episode. He’ll watch a few minutes and then go play and come back.

– Is drawn to male figures. If Papa or Poppy or either of his uncles are around, my mom and I generally take a back seat.

– Blows kisses!

– Can do the climbing hand movement to the Itsy Bitsy Spider. It’s his favorite song at the moment it seems, but he still loves Row, Row, Row Your Boat and will usually ask for “Row” just after the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

– Will give us kisses on the lips. A couple of weeks ago, the three of us were sitting on the couch and he was taking turns giving us each kisses. The last kiss he gave me, he grabbed both sides of my face, leaned in a gave me a good 5 second smooch on the mouth, closing his eyes half way through. It was the most romantic kiss I’ve ever gotten!

– Runs trains across the floor and says, “Choo choo!” and runs cars around saying, “Brrr!”

– Really just wants to run around outside all day. Playing in the water at my parents house is his absolute favorite. They have a large concrete bowl and a small fountain. We set him up with some cups and a few water toys and he’s good for hours!

– Is pretty good at eating with a spoon and fork when he feels like it. He’s recently working on using his fork to spear things.

– We switched him from his highchair into a booster seat last week and he loves sitting at the table with us to eat.

– Goes to bed at 8:00 and wakes up anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30.

– Still goes down for two short naps a day at home, but at preschool he’ll take one longer nap with his class.

– Is the most lovey with Mama just after his bath. He loves to cuddle with me (and baby) while he dries off.

– He will “help” us get him dressed, as in try to get his arms through sleeves and stick out each foot when we’re putting on his socks.

– Likes to show us his “strength.” One day he picked up our ottoman!

– Gives us “looks” like when he’s doing something he knows he’s not supposed to. He also has a cheesy grin he will flash at you when he wants something 🙂


Says lots of words:

-Mmm (Moo or Cow)

– Chou chou (Japanese for butterfly)

-Wan Wan (Japanese for woof woof or dog)

– Nyan Nyan (Japanese for meow meow or cat)

– Shoes

– Juice (shoes and juice sound the same so it’s hard to tell which he means sometimes)

– Mama

– Papa (He likes to point us out in photos)

– Boo (as in peek a boo)

– Toad (in one of his books)

– Bubble

– Apple


– No

– All done (His only two word phrase. I tried teaching him the sign for “All done” a while back and he learned to say the words and sign at the same time.)

– He signs and says, “Mo mo” for, “More”

– Aka (Japanese for red)

– Ao (Japanese for blue)

– Baby (This is a commonly used word around here lately…)

– Baby sister’s name ♡

– Rah! (Roar or lion)

– Bah (Ball)

– Chi chi (Monchichi)

– Doggie

– Gii (He says this when he wants to get up on or down from something)

– Dada (Means TV)



His favorite books:

– Little Blue Truck

– The Little Engine That Could

– I am a Bunny

– Goodnight Moon

– Teeth Are Not For Biting

– Kodomo Zukan (a series of Japanese books with lots of categorized and labeled pictures)

– Babies