Guess What!



E’s going to have a little sister! I’m a little more than halfway through my pregnancy, and our daughter will be here in September! We are more than thrilled!

We know that E is much too little to realize that a baby is going to be coming to our house this fall. Just 19 months older than his sister, he will still be a baby himself! This doesn’t keep us from pointing at my tummy and telling him, “Baby!” repeatedly though. Sometimes he repeats, “Baby,” but usually something like, “Babu,” comes out. If I sit on the floor with him and ask, “Where’s the baby?” he will lift my shirt and poke my belly button. It melts my heart. ♡

It’s going to be a little crazy around here for a while with a toddler and a newborn, but we are looking forward to E having a close sibling to grow up with!


Children’s Day 2014



Despite having had a fever the day before, E was his regular super happy self on his second Children’s Day. He would dance every time we turned on his special music box.

This year he is 15 months and full of personality. Last year he was just 3 months old!

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Easter 2014









ImageLast year, E was a tiny baby, but this year he lit up when he saw his Easter basket. We filled it with a new board book, some Melissa and Doug crayons, and these soft and squeezy farm animals. He was a little hesitant at first so we had to assure him that it was ok to pull everything out and play with it, but he was smiling the whole time, and quickly started passing the farm animals out to me one by one.

My parents also made him an Easter basket with a couple of new books, a new polo shirt and shorts for the summer, Goldfish crackers, and these awesome bubbles. Those Jelly Belly bubbles are the best and E loves all of his new books!

In addition to the regular eggs the kids hunted for, my parents made a special golden egg for each one and there was a map with directions on how to find it in the backyard. My mom and dad are so clever 🙂

We were lucky to have lovely spring weather so that most of the day could be spent outside!

Enjoying Springtime


Although it won’t last long, we’ve finally had our first taste of spring weather. Pretty soon the a/c will be working round the clock and sunscreen will be necessary for every outing, but we’re enjoying the transition out of winter cold fronts that lasted longer than usual this year.

I think that the appearance of wildflowers and blossoming trees bring a little optimism out in everyone, so we try to get a glimpse of them up close whenever possible. My parents have a beautiful wisteria tree in their front yard that has the most gorgeous purple flowers hanging from it. The pops of bright color here and there make me happy.


ImageE really enjoyed the petting zoo at our county rodeo. Since he hasn’t been around many animals before, he wasn’t quite sure what to do or think at first, but once he understood that it was safe to pet them, he lit up. He ended up trying to give all the goats kisses. ♡


           ImageHanging out in Mama’s office. One of my sweet coworkers brought him a new ball.


E and I have made a big transition lately. Well, not so much for me, as for him, but three days a week I go to work and he gets to attend preschool!

I wasn’t looking for work outside of my few-hours-a-week fun, evening job, but suddenly I was offered a job in the office at the preschool my mom teaches at (and I attended as a child!) I was told that they needed administrative help and that E could join the other babies in the nursery while I work. A decent paycheck, and a chance for E to be with other kids three days a week? It was too perfect to pass up! Also, I still get to “stay home” with him 4 out of 7 days, so it feels like the perfect balance for us.


ImageSnack time with friends 🙂


When I was pregnant, we talked about how great it would be if E could attend preschool a few days a week after he turned one, so when he was three months old, we put him on the wait list at the preschool that’s run by the college that my husband works at. However, their wait list is so long, and the school so popular and exclusive that we didn’t put much faith in him getting in when we wanted him to.

The job offer came around just two weeks after his first birthday, so it was great timing! It’s a nice, private school with sweet teachers and my mom and I can check on him any time.


ImagePlaytime with Papa in the evening is the best!


I worried about the transition for E because he didn’t know anything other than being with me all the time. I’d taken him to library play groups since he was tiny so he’d been around babies and adults he didn’t know, but I was always THERE. Now I was going to be dropping him off and leaving him (although I’d really just be down the hall…)

He really didn’t do badly though. At first he’d cry pretty hard when I’d leave, but his teachers said it didn’t last long because he was soon distracted by toys and friends. Now he knows what’s up and will usually try to glue himself to my legs to prevent me from leaving, but he’s gotten used to his teachers, and will sometimes even go to them when they hold their hands out for him in the morning.

Generally, we get to the school a little early and he hangs out with my mom and I in the office for a little while, then I walk him down to the nursery. I find that it’s a good strategy to just go ahead and strap him into a highchair and put his breakfast on his tray so that he’s busy while I slip out the door. He’s with his class from 9:00 to 3:00. Throughout the week they go to a music class, a gross motors activity class, and take rides in a buggy that holds six babies at a time.

I try to check on him once an hour, if I can peek through the door without him seeing me, and he’s always happy and playing. I’m lucky that he’s such an adaptable little guy.