Children’s Day 2014



Despite having had a fever the day before, E was his regular super happy self on his second Children’s Day. He would dance every time we turned on his special music box.

This year he is 15 months and full of personality. Last year he was just 3 months old!

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Koinobori (Carp Streamer)


Koinobori are displayed outside homes with boys from April to early May for Children’s Day. They are also symbols of strong and healthy sons.

When I was in Japan, most koinobori that I saw looked huge, but I was relieved to find out that there were smaller sized versions for displaying on apartment balconies. Still, I was surprised at how big it turned out to be!

The large, black carp symbolizes the father, the smaller, red carp symbolizes the mother, and any after that are their sons. More carp streamers can be added at any time. ♡

E’s all set for his first Children’s Day. ♡

Kabuto (Warrior Helmet)


May 5 is Kodomo no hi or Children’s Day in Japan. Families with sons celebrate by displaying kabuto (warrior helmets) and koinobori (carp streamers) at their home. (Girls are celebrated on March 3, which is called Hinamatsuri)

My husband’s parents sent us these decorations from Japan so that we can celebrate with E. The kabuto is the symbol of a strong, healthy boy.


The little vest is for E to wear, and the decoration in the right corner is actually a music box that plays a Children’s Day song called “Koinobori.” I’ll post pictures of the carp streamers once we set it up ♡